Abhinav Shukla Born in Ludhiana city in Punjab on 27th September 1987, he was one of the studious ones at his school, also he was known to be one of the multi-talented students of his school. Being from a studious background, he used to be very active in school co-curricular activities and quizzes.

Abhinav Shukla Career:

  • Being a winner of Gladrags Mr. India Contest, gave a boost to his career in acting and modeling.
  • Later he began his career with his debut show “Jersey No. 1″ which he took into consideration as he used to be very active back in his school days.
  • Not to be called a flop but the TV drama didn’t do as good as it was expected to, but the show had brought Abhinav limelight.
  • Later, Abhinav was offered roles in TV dramas like Hitler Didi, Geet, Diya Aur Bati Hum, and several other shows.

Further in the Career

The drama was a good platform for him but he began with his search into Bollywood and was offered a role in the film “Jai Ho”. It was a major blockbuster. With that taken into account, he was solely been into Bollywood. He also worked in other movies like Aksar and Luka Chuppi alongside Kartik Aryan.

He is very close to his mother and hence shares a lovely bond with her. It was his mother only who used to advise him to stay fit as he was an ectomorph kid. Because of all the motivation from his mother, he worked hard on his persona, physique, and looks and achieved the Gladrags Mr. India Contest award back in the year 2004. Being a 6 ft tall handsome hunk, it gave him support to his modeling career as he was inclined towards it ever since.

Abhinav Shukla Wife:Abhinav_Shukla_Wife_celebanything

He was married to Rubina Dalaik after dating her for the above 3 years. They met at some party where they began sharing an interest in each other as Rubika was herself a model and Abhinav was into photography as a hobby as well. He did a few photography sessions with her which later turned out to be a catalyst in their love life as it brought them closer.

Journey in Bigg Boss 

  • Abhinav along with his wife Rubika has contested in season 14 of the TV show Bigg Boss.
  • As expected by the viewers, some tantrums between the couple showed up but Abhinav handled the situation calmly.
  • Abhinav also acted as an exoskeleton in situations that were odd for Rubika to perform. Just as a wife expects from her husband.
  • This is one of the traits that Abhinav was known forever since he was a school kid. He makes sure that his allies are never outnumbered. He along with Rubika works as a team to make his way through Bigg Boss.

During this Big-Boss season, there was a little conflict between Eijaaz Khan and him according to content curators at Celebanything. BigBoss makes twists and turns every season. In this as well, it is expected the same. Just like every season, it is expected that this big boss season is going to take some more twists and turns. Let us see how it rolls.




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