Arlin Upasana is one of those Bengali models who has been known to achieve big at quite a young age of just being 23. While other models are still making their way into the industry, Arlin has not only been successful in doing so but also has parallelly achieved a number of feats. Let us head-on with a brief introduction to the model at first.

Arlin Upasana Family:

Arlin has an affluent family background as her father is also a well-established businessman with her grandfather being an excise collector. With that being, her family enjoys a good, strong financial and social status in Kolkata.

 Recent Happenings in Arlin’s life:

Coronavirus took over the world the previous year and in these unprecedented times, not even the entertainment industry was left spared. Some of the major ambitious projects of Arlin Upasana were affected too. However, as the times are getting back to normal some of her projects are about to get resumed too. One of her projects of the south Indian modeling and acting industry has been pending for the past two years. Arlin hopes to get that completed by this year.Arlin_upasana_career_Celebanything

 Apart from that, she is to appear in her Bengali debut movie which will be released most probably in the month of April.

 Being a Bengali and a girl, Arlin says that creativity was something that was bound to be with her. This implies that acting was actually in her blood. Apart from this she also says that being a businesswoman has also a considerable amount to do with her Bengali ethnicity. Moreover, being at the age of just 23, it is quite obvious that she is full of energy to take the challenges head-on.

 Arlin Media Presence:

She can be found by searching her name on all the leading social media platforms. Also, being a successful social media Influencer for a long time now, she is quite famous among the youth.

She keeps her fans updated on a regular basis with the help of her PR team. You can find all kinds of posts on her social media ranging from general ones to photoshoots and so on. However, being quite busy in her business ventures, she hasn’t been able to do any photoshoots recently.

 Arlin Upasana Business:

As mentioned earlier, Arlin Upasana cites most of her affinity towards the side of the business due to her Bengali ethnicity. Recently she has planned to come with her clothing brand named “Arlin’s”. This is the same business that has been talked about earlier and due to which some of her other projects are on hold right now.

 Recently she has also planned to move to Mumbai. Being closer to the film city will enable her to explore her capabilities readily and to a better extent.


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