Binny Choudhry Assisting People With Their Staying Fit Journey


Our lives have become very haphazard from handling stress, bad food habits, and prolonged sitting hours. No routine and unhealthy food choices have given us obesity, heart disease, and mental stress as a gift. It is time to return that gift and choose a healthy journey for the benefit of our body and mind by choosing a nutritionist.

Binny Choudhry, the founder of My Plate Manager, has more than 10+ years of experience in giving people the healthy life one deserves. Her journey to helping people maintain their fitness started as a trainee nutritionist at FitBites. She is focused and wants to guide people to choose the path of healthy living that will lead to a stronger lifestyle. With this goal in mind, she started her company, My Plate Manager.

In her early days, My Plate manager served as a venue for sharing food and healthy recipes with friends, family, and clients. However, it did not fulfill her objective of sharing her expertise with the globe. Consequently, she enrolled in the YMCA’s Nutrition and Dietetics programme, where she discovered her passion for health and wellness. Since then, My Plate Manager has grown into a nutrition hub that helps clients revitalize their bodies. With individualized diet and lifestyle suggestions in a holistic way , you may achieve your physical objectives without sacrificing your favorite dish.

Binny Choudhry – a nutritionist & Health Coach believes in providing optimal diet solutions that will allow you to enjoy your life with the food that helps you achieve your body goals. As per her, the objective is not only “weight loss” but improving your overall health and wellness by focusing on fitness and lifestyle improvement. ​

She built My Plate Manager with the intention of assisting one in achieving your fitness objectives in a way that one enjoys, while consuming the healthiest food possible. The nutrition services provided enables to understand how and what to consume in order to improve digestive health and maximize quality of life.

About My Plate Manager

My Plate Manager is not just a place to give you diet plans for weight loss or weight gain, but it’s a place that helps you with overall health and wellness. People who are suffering from diabetes, heart disease, thyroid, PCOS, and mental stress all need a healthy diet chart that can help them reduce the symptoms,rather reverse them with a proper lifestyle correction . So, at My Plate Manager, we try to understand the body of the individual as per medical history and then suggest a proper diet plan. It’s important to count your daily nutrient intake, especially when you have a medical problem. Following a diet under an expert can help you recover and maintain your health in a better way.

My Plate Manager ⤵

✅  Educate you regarding food choices

✅  Gives you physical and virtual meeting

✅  Help you in your fitness journey

Getting a certified nutritionist is the best way to start your diet and maintain it, keeping in mind your body’s requirements and medical history.

Contact Binny Choudhry (Nutritionist & Holistic Health Coach ) and book your appointment.

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